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Re: problem with make & perl

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: problem with make & perl
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 13:06:07 -0400

Sorry, but you'll need to check with the Perl folks about this.  It
seems like the makefile that Perl is generating from Makefile.PL isn't
correctly formatted.

The only suggestion I can give, from a make standpoint, is to try a
newer version of GNU make.  3.77 is pretty old; the latest version is
GNU make 3.79.1.

The error you're getting is at line 827 of your makefile, which is here:

  # --- MakeMaker pm_to_blib section:

  pm_to_blib: $(TO_INST_PM)
          @$(PERL) "-I$(INST_ARCHLIB)" "-I$(INST_LIB)" \
          "-I$(PERL_ARCHLIB)" "-I$(PERL_LIB)" -MExtUtils::Install \
          -e "pm_to_blib(qw[ <<pmfiles.dat ],'$(INST_LIB)\auto','$(PM_FILTER)')"

          @$(TOUCH) $@

That's simply illegal make syntax, so Perl is building an improper
Makefile from Makefile.PL.


 Paul D. Smith <address@hidden>          Find some GNU make tips at:
 http://www.gnu.org                      http://www.paulandlesley.org/gmake/
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