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Re: mysterious "<built-in>" target

From: Paul Jarc
Subject: Re: mysterious "<built-in>" target
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 17:11:40 -0400
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"Paul D. Smith" <address@hidden> wrote:
> Looking at the -p output I can see where this is used:
>   sv.o: /package/host/localhost/gcc/lib/gcc-lib ...  <built-in> <command 
> line> EXTERN.h av.h c ...
> etc.  I don't know where these are coming from, but they're not coming
> from any kind of GNU make builtin information.

Ok.  I'll try perlbug.  (I worked around it with:
touch '<built-in>' '<command' 'line>'
but I'm still curious.)

> Are you sure you don't have MAKEFILES set or some other odd thing?


> Look for where the sv.o prerequisites are defined and see if you can
> see anything there.

There are no explicit prerequisites, AFAICT.


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