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Make info bug: typo

From: Ivan Petrovich
Subject: Make info bug: typo
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 21:25:01 -0600
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In Make's info page, node 'Include':

 This is acts like `include' in every way except that there is no

The 'is' should not be there.

Also, in node 'Simple Makefile', a simple example makefile is
introduced. It is then used as an example to introduce various
concepts. Later, in node 'make Deduces' the last line of the example
makefile has a '-' added to it:
           -rm edit $(objects)

At the point, the use of '-' to modify a shell command has not been
introduced yet. I wonder if it would have been better to hold off on
the '-' until later.

The version of make is 3.79.1 (I know, it's old :) ) as well as the
hard-copy version you are selling in bookstores.


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