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problem in installation of mico in Linux

From: praneet sinha
Subject: problem in installation of mico in Linux
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 06:43:10 +0100 (BST)

 Hello Sir,  
I am new to mico and i am trying to install mico
 first time.I have Linux 7.1 and downloaded the mico
2.3.7 version from your site and then install it with
this command
 ./configure --with-qt=/usr/local/qt
(I have Qt 2.3 version already)
  Then make 'gmake' with gmake command,it took around
 one day full,after that i write gmake install command

after executing few lines it is terminated with the
 following error messages :
 gmake[1] : Leaving directory '/root/mico/orb'
 gmake[1] : Enterning directory '/root/mico/ir'
 /root/mico/ ./admin/mk installdirs /usr/local/bin/
 /root/mico/ ./admin/install -sh -c -m 755 ird        
 install :ird does not exist.
 gmake[1] : *** install error 1
 gmake[1] : Leaving directory '/root/mico/ir'
 gmake : install error 1

 I tried it twice ,but result was same.
 Can you suggest me the proper way of installation.
 thanks in advance
 with regards
 Praneet Sushil
 s/w engineer

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