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GNU Make - automatic removing

From: eddie . jaffuel
Subject: GNU Make - automatic removing
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 19:25:26 +0200


First of all, sorry for the poor english, I am a french guy.

I use GNU Make version 3.77.

I have a problem with 'gmake' which removes automatically some files.

It appears for the files which are generated, by example for Lex and Yacc.

In instance, originally, there is one file 'foo.lex'
In the Makefile, we describe how to :
1) transform 'foo.lex' in 'foo.lex.c' (with calling standard program Lex)
2) transform 'foo.lex.c' in 'foo.lex.o'
3) build a librairy with objects (*.o)

When we execute 'gmake', effectively :
1) a 'foo.lex.c' is generated,
2) then a 'foo.lex.o' is generated,
3) then a library is created. (all is ok till now but : ...) The file
'foo.lex.c' is removed automatically by 'gmake'
while it wasnot specified in the Makefile, and I need this file.

Does an option exist while calling 'gmake' in order to avoid this automatic
removal ???
Is there another solution ?

Thank you in advance for reponding.

Eddie Jaffuel.

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