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USsponsorship.com Referral

From: Aggie
Subject: USsponsorship.com Referral
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 15:12:00

Good afternoon,

You have been referred to me as an organization that would be interested in 
what we are doing. 
My name is Aggie Corrado and with Anthony Rubino we have launched a website 
called www.ussponsorship.com.
Our main goal is to unite individuals and organizations in need with those 
sponsors and donors who are able to give via the internet.

  We never touch one cent of the sponsorship funds - 100% of the donation goes 
directly to the individual or organization in need. We would like to offer your 
organization, and or any individual affiliated with you that might be in need 
of sponsorship, a free spot on our site.  We are offering free postings to the 
first 200 sponsor seekers on our website.

  Our 5 main categories are, Arts/Media, Charities/Non Profits, Education, 
Sports, and Events.Please click on the highlighted sub categories to view our 
active postings.

  Please take your time and review the site  www.ussponsorship.com  and let me 
know if you are interested in adding your organization. We can add a direct 
link to your website as well.  Please check out the "about us" link on our site 
to see our devotion to sponsorship.

Thank you for your time,
Aggie Corrado
(877) 750-0400

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