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Help me with $(LIB): $(LIB)($(Objects))

From: Josef Kreulich
Subject: Help me with $(LIB): $(LIB)($(Objects))
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 15:43:25 +0200


First I have to thank for the first prompt answer. Now the Problem, I have
to maintain GNU-makefiles and I found the rule

$(LIB): $(LIB)( $(Objects))

the variables are selfexplaning.  I have a generalised the Old-Fashioned
suffix rules


which compiles and archives. Further,  the suffix rule


which only compiles

Using the above rule the suffix rule .C.a is used for the Libraries, but if
I change the problem rule to

$(LIB): $(Objects)

the rule .C.o is used.

Now my questions:

1. Can you give me an explanation of the mentioned rule?
2. Where can an explanation of the mentioned rule be found? I read GNU-make
forward and backwards.

Thank you in advance

Josef Kreulich

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