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Make version 3.79.1 Linux Redhat 8.0

From: Jeff Burke
Subject: Make version 3.79.1 Linux Redhat 8.0
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 09:07:52 -0400

        When setting the .LIBPATTERNS variable in my makefile.
.LIBPATTERNS :=lib%.so.0.0 lib%.so lib.a        ←Actuall line from global 

        I can do a make -p and see that the variable has changed from the 
lib%.so lib%.a to the new settings lib%.so.0.0 lib%.so lib.a.
# makefile (from `../../../global_include.mk`, line 216)        ←Actuall line 
from make –p command
.LIBPATTERNS :=lib%.so.0.0 lib%.so lib.a        ←Actuall line from make –p 

        Here is where the problem begins.  Any library I try to link in with 
the -L${LIB_DIR}
-l{libWHATEVER.so.0.0} it will find all the lib%.so and lib%.a fine but any
lib%so.0.0 in the {LIB_DIR} path it will not find at all. I also tried adding a 
vpath for
%.so.0.0 to the ${LIB_DIR} but that still doesn’t work.

        I can get the library to link in only adding the whole path and image 
name on the 
Cc -Xlinker line.

        The RPM package installed is the make-3.79.1-14

Please let me know if you need any more details on this issue.

Thanks Jeff

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