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From: Josef Kreulich
Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 12:53:10 +0200


when using .DELETE_ON_ERROR only the target file is deleted, is possible to
give list of files which have to be deleted if an error occurs?

The reason why:

We compile a list of IDLs,LIBs,sharedLibs, and Executables.
For the reason of performance we call several makes in parallel.
Now it may happen that two different executables need the same object.
This leads to the use of the program 'lockfile', to avoid the compile of
the same source a the same time.

Now, if an error occurs in this situation the lockfile is not removed and
the other process waits infact of the written lockfile.

By experience we found that the best performance is given if we run 4
make's parallel. If the mentioned situation occurs
only 3 processes remain, and so on. As you see this procedure may run into
a disaster.
By the way a solution is to remove the lockfile if an error occurs.

I hope you will understand my trouble.

Thank you in advance

Josef Kreulich

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