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$(TARGET)::$$(@F) vs. $(notdir $(TARGET))

From: Gerrit Bruchhäuser
Subject: $(TARGET)::$$(@F) vs. $(notdir $(TARGET))
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 09:59:33 +0200
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Berkeley 'make' understands '$$(@F)' in a double-colon rule:

        echo "$(INST) $(@D) $(@F)"; \
        $(INST) $(@D) $(@F);

GMake doesn't but offers an equivalent feature:

$(TARGET)::$(notdir $(TARGET))
        echo "$(INST) $(@D) $(@F)"; \
        $(INST) $(@D) $(@F);

but this breaks compatibility with berkeley's make since '$(nodir ...)' is an unknown operation to it.

How can I workaround this problem so that the rule is working with both of the make implementations? Is it eventually possible to teach 'gmake' what '$$(@F)' means in a double-colon context?

- Gerrit

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