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RE: interactive shell is incorrect

From: David Thompson
Subject: RE: interactive shell is incorrect
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 08:33:20 -0700

> From: Paul D. Smith [mailto:address@hidden

Thanks for your quick response!

> dt> Could someone explain this behavior?
> Maybe.  Do you have either the $ENV or $BASH_ENV variables
> set?  If so that probably explains the behavior.  See the
> bash man page for more information.

BASH_ENV is no, but ENV is yes.

  $ echo $BASE_ENV

  $ echo $ENV

My login shell is ksh93, so naturally I'm using ENV
with ksh, not bash.

I still think there is a bug.  From my original email, note
how this command,

    50  $ make -s -f Makefile.b
    51  TOPDIR = /home/davidt/tmp/foo

is correct, but this recursive make shows incorrect output,

    47  $ make -s -f Makefile.a
    48  Hello bashrc
    49  TOPDIR = Hello bashrc /home/davidt/tmp/foo

I don't understand what explains *that* difference.

Can you reproduce that behavior?   Here are the Makefiles
from the original email,

    12  $ cat Makefile.a
    13  all:
    14          gmake -f Makefile.b SHELL=/usr/local/bin/bash

Line 14 should say 'make' not 'gmake', but that's not the
    15  $ cat Makefile.b 
    16  TOPDIR := $(shell /bin/pwd)
    17  all:
    18          echo TOPDIR = $(TOPDIR)

Btw, even when I unset ENV, I still get incorrect behavior
from the recursive make invocation.  The obvious workaround
is to gag the ~/.bashrc into silence, since its output is
what seems to pollute everything.  But I contend that a bug
exists (somewhere) because bash thinks it is invoked as an
interactive shell, even with BASH_ENV and ENV unset, so bash
sources ~/.bashrc.  Clearly bash is not supposed to be doing
that.  I also contend the bug is with make since the behavior
is only seen in recursive invocations of make.

Can you agree?


David Thompson
Foster City, CA

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