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Re: make: *** virtual memory exhausted. Stop.

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: make: *** virtual memory exhausted. Stop.
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 11:38:11 -0400

%% Fabio Alemagna <address@hidden> writes:

  fa> The first issue, is that even if it was cross compiling, it tried
  fa> to use the host's 'ar' command. I solved that by invoking
  fa> m68k-amigaos-ar by hand and letting make run again, however that
  fa> should be fixed at the source.

If anything needs to be fixed here, it would be automake or possibly
autoconf.  However, my understanding of autoconf is that it's up to the
developer to specify the cross tools.  How did it find the cross
compiler?  Didn't you have to set CC when you ran "configure"?  You
would also have to specify AR as well.

  fa> The other problem is that in signame.c it checks whether
  fa> SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED is defined, however in config.h
  fa> HAVE_DECL_SYS_SIGLIST is used (and defined, if that has to be the
  fa> case), which created problems because signame.c defines
  fa> sys_siglist[NSIG] and the standard includes declare sys_siglist[],
  fa> creating an obvious conflict. Again, I fixed this by hand in
  fa> config.h, defining SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED. Both issues don't seem to
  fa> be dependent on AmigaOS, they just show up in that particular
  fa> configuration.

I'll look at this one.

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