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Bug report & solution: make-3.80: Win32 linking error.

From: Андрей В . Овчар
Subject: Bug report & solution: make-3.80: Win32 linking error.
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 03:08:14 +0700


      It seems that script for assembling binaries of make-3.80 GNU make
utility for Win32 platform is incorrect.
     The problem occures when one launches the "build_w32.bat" script with
all other settings made according to the README.
     There are messages about  unresolved external symbols on the link
     Executable binaries doesn't appear.
     Add some strings in "build_w32.bat" that compile hash.c file.
     (The correct version of "build_w32.bat" script, named as
"build_w32.bat.txt",  is attached to this message, pay attention on the
strings number: 68, 69, 133, 134 of the attached file).

Good Luck!
Andrey V. Ovchar
Software developer.
The Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics.

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