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Two bugs with 3.80? VPATH and usage message

From: Richard Bland
Subject: Two bugs with 3.80? VPATH and usage message
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 10:41:30 +0100

Here are two findings that I think are bugs.  These relate to Make 3.79.1
and 3.80, running under cygwin and Windows XP Professional.  In both cases
3.79 does what I expected and 3.80 doesn't.

1) 3.80 seems to ignore VPATH.
The following makefile uses three sources in the folder given in VPATH.  It
is run from the destination folder.

  VPATH = d:/rbl/demos/java/servlet/tomcat4/hidden
  ALL_TXT = Cat.txt DBStrings.txt
  ALL_XML = web.xml
  AllHidden: $(ALL_TXT) $(ALL_XML)
  .PHONY : AllHidden
  %.xml: %._xml
        cp $< $@
  %.txt: %._txt
        cp $< $@

It works using 3.79.1, but the 3.80 version says
*** No rule to make target `Cat.txt', needed by `AllHidden'.
It will work under 3.80 if the source files are moved to the destination
folder, or if the rules are changed to include an explicit reference to
VPATH, e.g.
  %.xml: $(VPATH)/%._xml

Conclusion: under 3.80 it isn't searching folders that are on the VPATH.

2) The last two lines of the usage message under 3.80 are broken.
Under 3.79.1 they look right, that is
  --unix                      Run in UNIX mode (use sh.exe subshell).
  --win32                     Run in Win32 mode (use Win32 subshell).

But under 3.80 the actual flags are missing from each line, and only the
meaning (i.e. "Run in Unix mode" etc) is displayed

Richard Bland

Phone: 01786 467 424           Computing Science & Mathematics
Fax: 01786 464 551             University of Stirling
address@hidden          Stirling FK9 4LA

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