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Re: Output line too long.

From: Sam Ravnborg
Subject: Re: Output line too long.
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 23:21:34 +0200
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On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 02:23:04PM +0200, Anton van Oosten wrote:
> L.S.
> When building KOffice 1.2.91 (Kpresenter) gmake 3.79 warns:"Output line too 
> long." Then gmake exits in a way that suggests that some output line was 
> truncated.
I tried to grep the make sources (3.80), and there was no such error message
defined in make.
I suspect that libtool is the culprint.
Try to add "sh -x" or similar to the libtool shell script and see when the
error occurs.


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