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Make 3.80 Not Compile

From: Van Wieren, Gregory (Contractor) (DLIS)
Subject: Make 3.80 Not Compile
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 09:45:58 -0400

I am trying to compile 'make-3.80' on Windows 2000 Advance Server.  I download all of the current files as 7/2003.  I did attach Readme.gnumake.txt file.  Included in this file is my path / lib settings.  Compile errors that I am receiving.

I did install MS C++ using the default location "But I removed all white space in file name"

I would appreciate your input in helping me solve this issue.  Trying to put up in production Oracle 11i database and need this product for that.

I can be reached by phone or email.

Appreciate all your help

Gregory Van Wieren
MCSA 2000, MCSE 2000, MCP+I

Northrop Grumman Information Technology
Office: 269-961-4414

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