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Re: [FEATURE Request] Please add an option to list all dependencies ofa

From: srivasta
Subject: Re: [FEATURE Request] Please add an option to list all dependencies ofa target (recursively)
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 10:46:00 -0500

On Wed, 27 Aug 2003 07:37:46 -0400, Noel Yap <address@hidden> said: 

>> I would like a way to list all dependencies and subdependencies of
>> a given target to avoid the recursive shell function hackism I
>> currently have to do when using "make -pnq".

> IMHO, don't use recursive make:
> http://www.tip.net.au/~millerp/rmch/recu-make-cons-harm.html.

        I get a file not found error at thet URI, but the recursion is
 not the major point here. Indeed, the recursion here may not even
 refer to using make recursively -- the point here is to discover all the
 targets that would be looked at when I run make. So, if the target of
 interest is "install", which depends on "build", which depends on
 my-program-name, which depends on main.o, which depends on main.c,
 which depends on /usr/include/stdio.h; I want to have all these
 dependencies listeed -- and I am justusing a simple Makefile.

> If I'm misunderstanding the problem, can you provide more details,
> please?

        All right. Suppose I want to create a wrapper around make that
 would call make automatically when one of the files that a make
 target depends on changes. How do I discover what those files are? 

        Obviously, make knows, since when it is actually run it goes
 through, and tests files/targets to see if they need rebuilding. What
 is requested is a mode in which each target is assumed to be in need
 of rebuilding, but, instead of taking any action, all that is done is
 to print the target's name on stdout.

        I hope this is clearer.

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