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Re: --no-silent --no-quiet style option

From: Marty Leisner
Subject: Re: --no-silent --no-quiet style option
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 20:16:50 -0400

"J. Grant" <address@hidden> writes  on Wed, 24 Sep 2003 22:01:33 BST
     > Hello,
     > on the 24/09/03 05:38, Paul D. Smith wrote:
     > > %% "J. Grant" <address@hidden> writes:
     > > 
     > >   jg> I think expanding the output would be helpful.  I would like to
     > >   jg> create a patch to add --no-silent, basically turns off the
     > >   jg> features of .SILENT, @, --silent.
     > > 
     > > As I mentioned before, I'm not interested in adding lots of new
     > > options.  Instead I want to implement one comprehensive option where 
     > > can specify exactly what types of output you want generated and which
     > > you don't.
     > I'm only suggesting one option, to invert the --silent option.  gcc and 
     > most other programs also include "no-" versions of options which turn 
     > things on.  Do you mean that you are planning on implementing features 
     > like this as an option that takes a number of values like "no-silent" ?
     > Regards
I like that...

I added an "always echo" flag to make last year

I found it very useful debugging OTHERs makefiles (I got very annoyed
with building something...).

When I write my OWN makefiles, I've done 

        $(NO_ECHO) do_foo

and at the command line you can:
        make NO_ECHO=
to see things...

In the past, I often used strace -etrace=exec to see what was going on --
this is not a good idea.


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