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Unable to build win32 GNU make-3.80

From: jgrant
Subject: Unable to build win32 GNU make-3.80
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 16:41:17 +0100


Just tried to build win32 version of make-3.80.  I had some problems with
that though:

1. The build_w32.bat has a typo, + before the first if.  This should not be
2. In the "NMakefile" $(MAKE) is used, which is in my environment to be set
to gmake.exe, perhaps this NMakefile should use something like:
NMAKE=nmake.exe     Then use $(NMAKE) to avoid other make conflicts in the
NMakefile in the archive.
3. This version of GNU make would not build, using MSVC6, or MSVC .Net C
compiler, the batch file, or the "nmake NMakefile" methods.

Attached is a log, does anyone have any ideas what could be the problem? I
did this in cmd.exe, setting the appropriate environment variables before
trying, using vcvars32.bat etc.

Best regards

J. Grant

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