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Re: make signal text descriptions

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: Re: make signal text descriptions
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 18:33:46 -0500
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J. Grant wrote:

We use the system service to translate the code if the system provides
it (many UNIX systems provide strsignal() for example).  If not we have
a predefined set of signals we translate, but if the signal is not a
member of that predefined list it's not translated.

ok, I wonder if win32 has extra signals, this code 127, could these be supported for win32 ports?

#define SIGINT          2       /* Interactive attention */
#define SIGILL          4       /* Illegal instruction */
#define SIGFPE          8       /* Floating point error */
#define SIGSEGV         11      /* Segmentation violation */
#define SIGTERM         15      /* Termination request */
#define SIGBREAK        21      /* Control-break */
#define SIGABRT         22      /* Abnormal termination (abort) */

#define NSIG 23     /* maximum signal number + 1 */

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