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Re: Bug#218039: /usr/bin/make: Clock skew detected warnings

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: Bug#218039: /usr/bin/make: Clock skew detected warnings
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 04:55:30 +0800
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> Version: 3.80-4
> $ cat Makefile
> a: /proc
>       :
> $ make
> make: Warning: File `/proc' has modification time 2.4e+04 s in the future
> :
> make: warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.
> You see, I wanted a file that means 'now', but recent versions of make
> make these worrisome warnings.

>>>>> "Manoj" == Manoj Srivastava <address@hidden> writes:

Manoj>        Why is this a bug, exactly?

OK, then it isn't. Closing the debian bug, and CCing upstream, and
thinking about other solutions.

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