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Incident 65183 Is there any problem with GNU Make with v7.5r2

From: Agrawal.Manisha
Subject: Incident 65183 Is there any problem with GNU Make with v7.5r2
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 18:31:22 +0530


 I am working as a Software Engineer in Delphi Automotive Sysytems.
 I was using the Make utility (version 3.79.1) for a build process in a project.
I faced some problems in invoking the Tasking compiler with certain flags.
The mail below describes the problem.
It looks like there is some problem with this version.
Please look into it and help me to resolve this issue.

Warm Regards,
Manisha Agrawal,
Technical Center India,
e-Mail: address@hidden
Ph: [91] [80] 8412015/8416311-20
Extn: 168
Fax: [91] [80] 8410799

---------------------- Forwarded by Agrawal Manisha/in2/delphiauto on 11/14/2003
06:24 PM ---------------------------

"TASKING Support NL" <address@hidden> on 11/13/2003 01:30:11 PM

Please respond to "TASKING Support NL" <address@hidden>

To:   Agrawal Manisha/in2/address@hidden
cc:   N Harikrishnarajan/in2/address@hidden

Subject:  Incident 65183  Is there any problem with GNU Make with v7.5r2

Dear Mr. Agrawal Manisha,

Many thanks for reporting your problem to the TASKING support team. We have
investigated the issue and below is our response. If you have any further
questions please let us know.

I tried to compile the file demo.c with the same options as used by you. It is
not invoking the compiler again.

I am sending the make utility that I am using for this build. Please find the
same in the attached zip file.
I am also sending the command window display. It only says "Error -1" and exits.
There is no other error message displayed.
Please find the command window screen image in the zip file "error_msg.zip".

(See attached file: error_msg.zip)(See attached file: make.zip)

If possible, Please send to us the make utility you are using (version 3.78.1)
so that we can try to use the same thing and see the results.

I can reproduce the problem over here now, with your make.exe you sent me. After
some investigation, it turns out that when I specify a compiler option larger
than 14 characters, the error -1 shows up. If the option is 13 or 14 characters
wide, I get error 11, and when the option is 12 characters or less the compiler
is invoced correctly. This is completely independend of the option itself, only
the number of characters matters.

Well, this is definitely a bug in your make utility and has little to do with
the compiler option itself. Please report this bug to address@hidden As a
workaround, you can use make.exe version 3.78.1, see the attachment.

With kind regards,

Frans Gouverne

Support NL, 166 Group
Altium Helpdesk
Phone: +31 33 455 8584
Fax:   +31 33 455 0033
Email: address@hidden
URL:   www.tasking.com
Altium - Making Electronics Design Easier


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