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BUG in 3.80 (virtual memory exhausted, xrealloc, variable_buffer_output)

From: Dr. Jörn von Holten
Subject: BUG in 3.80 (virtual memory exhausted, xrealloc, variable_buffer_output)
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 10:12:06 +0100


  I reduced my problem to the following short Makefile


define A
12345: $(1:.idl=.hh) $(1:.idl=S.h) $(1:.idl=C.h) $(1:.idl=SK.cc) $(1:.idl=DynSK.cc)

$(eval $(call A,01234567890123456789012345678901.idl))


which, when evaluated (e.g. "make -r") with 3.80 results in a

*** virtual memory exhausted.

I traced the problem into the sources, which I saw the very 1st
time, and what I found is:

A call to variable_buffer_output results in a xrealloc call when
appending the final '\0' while doing the eval. It seems as if the
new memory position of the variable_buffer is not correctly passed
back then as the next call to variable_buffer_output then works on
an illegal pointer.
This is just a guess and I have no time to go deeper into those sources.
Maybe it is even a wild-overwrite.

This problem occurs at least on Linux and on Solaris so
it does not seem to depend on a certains OS.


Dr. Jörn von Holten
Senior Consultant

Barco Orthogon AG
Hastedter Osterdeich 222
D-28207 Bremen
Tel +49-421-20122-426
Fax +49-421-20122-999

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