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Possible make license violation/miss-comprehension by SN Systems

From: Dave
Subject: Possible make license violation/miss-comprehension by SN Systems
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 00:33:03 +0000
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Hi.  I'm using SN Systems gnu make version,  I have been in contact with
them because I would like to have the source of their changes.  Thus far
i've not been able to receive the source code from them.  (They even
blocked my email address by their spam filter now!)

I received vsimake.exe with the details that SN Systems offer to provide
the source code for their changes.  So I would like to get my hands on
their patch + ChangeLog finally!

I'd like to know:-

(1) if their customers really have a gnu make license exception (to stop
them from redistribution)?

(2) Are their customers really not allowed to give out their modified
gnu make exe with the SN Systems offer of source code?

(3) Are their customers really the ones I need to be in contact with for
the source code as ~SN systems suggest? (their customer [who gave me the
exe] was not provided with the source by SN Systems as far as I know,
just the SN Systems offer of source code).

If someone can help me out I'd much appreciate it!


p.s. This is their last email to me. (Their reason 2 seems to contradict their reason 1.)


Hi Dave,

Ooooops...  You didn't tell me where you got the executable from.

I need to know for 2 reasons.

1) We have confidentiality agreements with all our customers so that they do
not redistribute any of our software (including GPL'd software)

2) If they redistributed the vsimake.exe program then they should rewrite
the GPL policy to state that they will provide the source code.

So I need to get in contact with them to tell them the error of their ways.

Once you have provided me with this information I will happily send you the
source code.

Your support reference number is LN/15029, please quote this in all
correspondence relating to this query.


Kevin Russell: Senior Technical Support Engineer (address@hidden).
SN Systems Ltd
Tel: +44 117 929 9733
Fax: +44 117 929 9251

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