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Re: [PATCH] order-only prerequisite ends up in $<

From: Jim
Subject: Re: [PATCH] order-only prerequisite ends up in $<
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 04:09:03 -0700
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Noel Yap wrote:

Jim wrote:

I'm not really sure if this falls in the same category, but the rule base is a pattern rule... it seems that something like

%.o:%.c | $(intermdiate_path)

intermediate_path is no longer order only, it is instead a valid rule, and that being a directory means it's often newer then the .o in certain filesystems.

in my make 3.80 under linux, $| doesn't have anything, $< is just the .c source file, other things have the intermediate path, but nothing indicates order only, as it would if the order only dependant was specified on a non-pattern rule...

If you simply touch $(intermediate_path), do all the .o's get rebuilt?


all: junk.test

$.test:%.c | thing
        touch $@

junk.c thing:
        touch $@

(touches thing and junk.c to create them)
then after every touch of 'thing' junk.test is touched.


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