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Re: 'How makefiles are remade'

From: Jim
Subject: Re: 'How makefiles are remade'
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 15:59:00 -0700
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Noel Yap wrote:
Paul D. Smith wrote:

Making it work the way you want (if I understand you correctly), where
steps 2 and 3 are performed in a loop so that the re-exec happens
immediately when each makefile is rebuilt instead of after all the
makefiles are rebuilt, is simply not the way make is designed.  Trying
to make it behave this way is extremely tricky, as shown by my example.

Yeah - I took some moments to put some tracing statements into remake.c, did figure out when makefile targets were being processed... however, that loop is like 4 way resursive - that is there's at least 4 places where the update_file() routine is called, and getting them all to understand that this is a result that needs to be immediately returned is definatly not simple :)

IMHO, it's also a gross hack that'll slow down make processing considerably; for each target built, make would have to check if the target was included -- that can potentially be lots of checks.

Actually - that's not a big deal, in fact the file structure could easily just have a status bit indicating it satisfied a search for a included makefile rule...

But, That remake loop *shakes his head* that'll take some cipherin'.



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