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Re: need access to Makefile path

From: Noel Yap
Subject: Re: need access to Makefile path
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 12:55:31 -0400
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Unless MAKEFILE_LIST is used before any other includes, using the trick below doesn't work. I think it's also quite messy to have to create explicitly a variable to hold this information in each makefile that needs it. Moreover, there's no guarantee that someone won't overwrite the variable in which this information is stored. I think MAKEFILE_LIST is very lacking. A MAKEFILE_STACK would be much better.

In my build system, I wrote an include-makefile macro that'll define __FILE__ and keep a MAKEFILE_STACK such that an included makefile always knew where it was in relation to its includer (assuming relative paths are used). Doing this allows for position-independent makefiles, which, in turn allows for modular, non-recursive makefiles.

For example, the following module makefile may exist:

# c++/GNUcommon.mk

$(call include-makefile,$(call dirname,$(__FILE__))/GNUactions.mk)
$(call include-makefile,$(call dirname,$(__FILE__))/GNUrules.mk)

and the client may include it in whichever way they wish:

# GNUmakefile

$(call include-makefile,/path/to/makefiles/1.0/c++/GNUcommon.mk)


Boris Kolpackov wrote:

Dave Yost <address@hidden> writes:

Consider a Makefile that starts thus:

   include ../../../Makefile-master

It would be nice if this included Makefile-master knew where it was,

$(dir $(word $(words $(MAKEFILE_LIST)),$(MAKEFILE_LIST)))


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