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Re: need access to Makefile path

From: Boris Kolpackov
Subject: Re: need access to Makefile path
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 12:31:22 -0500
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Noel Yap <address@hidden> writes:

> Unless MAKEFILE_LIST is used before any other includes, using the trick 
> below doesn't work.

$ cat >makefile
include foo.make
include $(CURDIR)/bar.make

$ cat >foo.make

$ cat >bar.make
$(warning $(dir $(word $(words $(MAKEFILE_LIST)),$(MAKEFILE_LIST))))

$ /usr/bin/make --version
GNU Make 3.80

$ /usr/bin/make
/tmp/bar.make:1: /tmp/
make: *** No targets.  Stop.

Seems to work pretty well, huh?


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