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Problem with @ option on SUN

From: Ilan Voloch
Subject: Problem with @ option on SUN
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 09:03:08 +0300


I'm using gmake  version 3.79.1, on SUN 2.8

When I use define command and use @ in the first sequence command, all commands 
in the define
are excecutes but are not print to the shell.

The the example below:

This is file /tmp/test:

                all : TEST


                define TEST2
                  @echo Checking if can see the commands
                  cd $(CCWPA)

When I run it on SUN I'm getting:
sne458!cctpi:/tmp [252]> gmake -f /tmp/test -w all
gmake: Entering directory `/tmp'
Checking if can see the commands
DNS_SERVERS          dtdbcBAAUkaW8X       dtdbcache_10.128.8   ps_data          
    sdt_flsNayXX         test
HP_Net_Infolog       dtdbcBAAXvayak       dtdbcache_10.17.176  rcs.log          
    sh7530               test1
Ioscan_sne458        dtdbcBAAa5aaMY       dtdbcache_10.17.177  sdt_fl26aq1j     
    smc898               vrtslic.tmp
dtdbcBAA3OaGvY       dtdbcBAAg8aybq       dtdbcache_10.17.76   sdt_fl4Oa43o     
    stand.log            xp1
dtdbcBAAIxaGUk       dtdbcBAAgJaOJk       perfpar.tmp          sdt_flKwaaCo     
    summary1.log         xp2
dtdbcBAAULaahZ       dtdbcBAAoPaGfp       perftmp.tmp          sdt_fldraqyo     
    temp.log             xp3.log
gmake: Leaving directory `/tmp'

On HP:
hpp704!ariell:~/bb [33]> gmake -f /tmp/test -w all
gmake: Entering directory `/qduser1.p704/qd/ccyp/ariell/bb'
Checking if can see the commands
infradl    qd150      qd161      qdacms     qdacrmorb  qddl       qdgdd      
qdgrfgn    qdpub      qdsls      tl
inftl      qd160      qd183      qdacrm     qddi       qdfn       qdgn       
qdprodm    qdquick    qdwf
cd /qduser1.p704/qd/ccyp/ariell/proj/qd4020
gmake: Leaving directory `/qduser1.p704/qd/ccyp/ariell/bb'

I can't see the ls and cd commands on SUN,

Is't a bug?, or something that I miss in the installation?


Ilan Volloch
Tel: 02-54(83188)
Mobile: 058-742543 (32543)

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