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func_filter_filterout ... redundant code or bug ?

From: Markus Mauhart
Subject: func_filter_filterout ... redundant code or bug ?
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:32:03 +0200


in function.c we have ...

static char *
func_filter_filterout (char *xo, char **xargv, const char *xfuncname)

... implementing the builtin functions "filter" and "filter-out",
xfuncname contains that name. xargv[0,1] are non-zero according to
code, and xargv[0] contains the pattern string.

During parsing of xargv[0], that string is written to on two occasions:
1) 1st each word inside the string is zero-terminated.
2) To handle non-literal patterns (e.g. "pfx%sfx"), function find_percent()
  is used on each word and will compact the word when it contains a '%'
  with one or more leading '\', by removing some of the '\' and
  adding \0 at its new end.

Now func_filter_filterout() takes care to undo exactly (1)'s changes,
but it does not do so for (2)'s potential changes.

I see 3 explanations for the current semi-preservation af xargv[0]:

a) the code and data for undoing (1)'s changes is redundant, cause
   xargv[0] need not be preserved (neither its value nor its strlen).
b) missing code for undoing (2)'s changes is a bug.
   ... IMHO not cause this bug would happen frequently enough.
c) in make's source, every caller of func_filter_filterout() knows
   that "simple" patterns are preserved, while "complicated" patterns
   containing "...\%..." are not value-preserved nor strlen-preserved.
   ... IMHO not very likely.

So may we remove the data (a_pattern::save_c) and code to undo (1)'s changes ?
Otherwise, why not remove a_pattern::save_c and replace former read-access to
it with "int save_c = pp->next ? ' ' : '\0'".


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