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bugs fixed in -bk4

From: Boris Kolpackov
Subject: bugs fixed in -bk4
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 16:18:06 -0500
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Hi Paul,

I have one patch in my -bk patch-set which, IMO, has no reason 
of not being in the main trunk. It implements dontcare flag 
inheritance which, combined with your recent changes to the 
dontcare machinery, fixes both bugs described here


Here is the makefile that triggers the bug (could be added to
regression tests):

    -include bar

        @echo hello

    bar : foo
        cp foo bar

Another patch, which I think you may be interested in, is
pattern-specific-expansion.patch. Here is the description:

    The following makefile prints 'B' instead of 'A'.

      a := A

      %bar : arg := $a
      %bar : ; @echo $(arg)

      a := B


    The patch adds additional expansion at pattern definition 
    point for simple variables (i.e. declared with :=). Also 
    note that you can inhibit this additional expansion if 
    you want to:

      %bar : arg := $a $$a

    With this change the makefile above prints 'A B'.

I remember you promised to take a look at this but I never
heard back from you ;-).

You can get the patch-set from here:


Each patch is individually-applicable.


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