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Re: Problem with absolute path

From: Juergen Schmidt
Subject: Re: Problem with absolute path
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 15:23:10 +0200
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has anybody an idea on this or can help me? I would be glad to know if i make something wrong or if it is maybe a make problem.

Thanks in advance

Juergen Schmidt wrote:


i have problem with make when i try to generate the output anywhere and using an absolute path. Please see my simple test makefile (when i run make i am in /local/test/maketest where the source "maketest.c" is located):


ALL : Maketest


$(OUT)/obj/%.o : %.c
   mkdir -p $(@D)
   gcc -c $< -o $(OUT)/obj/$*.o

$(OUT)/bin/% : $(OUT)/obj/%.o
   mkdir -p $(@D)
   gcc -o $@ $<

Maketest : $(OUT)/bin/maketest
   @echo "**************************"
   @echo " Maketest build succesful"
   @echo ""
   @echo " make maketest.run"
   @echo "**************************"

%.run : $(OUT)/bin/%
   cd $(<D) && $*

The source is trivail and it should be simply build.

When i change the variable OUT to a relative path (the second verson of OUT) everything works fine. Do i make something wrong?

Regards Juergen

Juergen Schmidt, Technical Lead Software Engineering
                OpenOffice.org/StarOffice SDK
Sun Microsystems GmbH         address@hidden
Sachsenfeld 4, 20097 Hamburg  http://sun.com/staroffice
Germany +49/40 23646-984      http://api.openoffice.org

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