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Re: [patch] parallel make bug with failing commands

From: psmith
Subject: Re: [patch] parallel make bug with failing commands
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 22:30:56 -0400

Hi Michael;

Thanks for a most excellent bug report!  I was able to easily follow the
path you described and see the bug.  I used essentially your fix (with a
few minor syntactic tweaks).

FYI, following your notes I was able to produce a makefile which is
guaranteed to show the bug every time, regardless of # of CPUs or other
factors.  The trick is to use sleep to ensure that the various targets
complete in the proper order to display the bug; see below.

Thanks again!

.PHONY: all fail.1 fail.2 fail.3 ok
all: fail.1 ok fail.2 fail.3

fail.1 fail.2 fail.3:
        @sleep $(patsubst fail.%,%,$@)
        @echo Fail
        @exit 1

        @sleep 4
        @echo ok done
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