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command line variables not exported to $(shell)

From: Manoj Srivastava
Subject: command line variables not exported to $(shell)
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 15:21:14 -0500
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        This was reported by a debian user. While I am not sure this
 is a bug, this should perhaps be documented, if not.


 'make' does not export command-line-derived variables to subshells
 launched via $(shell): 

,----[ makefile ]
|  all:
|         @echo FOO is $$FOO,$(shell echo $(FOO)),$(shell echo $$FOO)

        If I run it with 'FOO=1 make', it prints:
|    FOO is 1,1,1

 ...as I expected.  But if I run it with 'make FOO=1' or 'make FOO:=1',
 it prints:

|    FOO is 1,1,
 which I certainly did not expect.  Passing FOO separately from the
 environment and the command line, 'FOO=1 make FOO=2':

|    FOO is 2,2,1
 This might not be a bug, but I can't find it documentated.

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