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'fhandler_base::dup:' - Error

From: amit . sheth
Subject: 'fhandler_base::dup:' - Error
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 16:18:08 -0500

I have been using MSYS-MINGW-GCC to compile and link my C++ code.

The problem I am having is following error.

Building ------------  GCCAltiaGui.exe   ------------
Executing: "C:\Rhapsody6.1\Share\etc\cygwinmake.bat" GCCAltiaGui.mak clean
Setting environment for Cygwin
      0 [main] make 2772 fhandler_base::dup: dup(some disk file) failed,
handle 0, Win32 error 6

Clean Done

This happens when I try to execute 'make' for the first time.  The version
of 'make' is 3.79.1.
Version of GCC is 3.2.3. The build is on Windows 2000 machine.

Could you please point me to some fixes to resolve this error.


Amit Sheth
GMNA - Software and Controls

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