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Need Help

From: Rajanikanth T - CTD, Bangalore
Subject: Need Help
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 11:52:21 +0530



We are using gmake to compile our project. I am facing problem to include local files.

I have about 10 .h files in  /sw/rebuild/Central/Release/m1000/kgem/inc directory which is common place for all engineers

I brought over ksvid.h file to my local workspace(/export/home1/rajanit/CENTRAL/../m1000_sing/kgem/inc) and declared prototype “extern void testFun1(void);”

I brought over the kgemcom.c file to local (/export/home1/rajanit/CENTRAL/../m1000_sing/kgem/src) and defined the function testFun1() and included ksvid.h file.

When I am compiling the file kgemcom.o file I got the following output with errors. Because it is not including my local ksvid.h file. Seems to be it is taking the file from common.


Start ++++++++++++++++++++


Building kgemcom.o in /export/home1/rajanit/CENTRAL/m1000_obj/PIAB55/kgem ...

/sw/wrs/x86_55/host/sun4-solaris2/bin/c++pentium  -xc++ -Wall -Wno-return-type -Wno-trigraphs -fno-builtin -fno-defer-pop -mcpu=pentiumiii -march=p3 -fvolatile -DCPU=PENTIUM -DTOOL_FAMILY=gnu -DTOOL=gnu -DPRODUCTION_MONITOR -DEH_PIPE -DMORE_EH_EVENTS -DDYNAMIC_LOAD -O2 -DELF -Dvxw -DELF -DVXWORKS -DREAL_TIME -DSEAWIND -DPIAB -I/export/home1/rajanit/CENTRAL/../m1000_sing/kgem/inc -I/sw/rebuild/Central/Release/m1000/kgem/inc -I/sw/rebuild/Central/Release/satellites/uml/rhapsody/Alarms/AlarmLibrary/x86-wrs-vxworks5.5 -I/sw/UML/LangCpp -I/sw/UML/LangCpp/osconfig/x86-wrs-vxworks5.5 -I/sw/rebuild/Central/Release/m1000/kns_control/kshell/inc -I/sw/wrs/x86_55/target/config/all -I/sw/wrs/x86_55/target/h -I/sw/wrs/x86_55/target/h/types -I/sw/wrs/x86_55/target  -c /export/home1/rajanit/CENTRAL/../m1000_sing/kgem/src/kgemcom.c -o kgemcom.o

/export/home1/rajanit/CENTRAL/../m1000_sing/kgem/src/kgemcom.c: In function `KsBool startConnectFailed (Secs2Msg *, int)':

/export/home1/rajanit/CENTRAL/../m1000_sing/kgem/src/kgemcom.c:97: implicit declaration of function `int testFun1 (...)'

gmake[2]: *** [kgemcom.o] Error 1

gmake[1]: *** [kgem] Error 2

gmake: *** [m1000_piab55] Error 2


End ++++++++++++++++++++++++



When I looked into gmake source code I don’t see any problem as such.

The following is code snippet of gmake..


Start ++++++++++++++t

LOCAL_INC_PATH  = $(filter-out $(USER_SKIP_DIRS), $(strip $(wildcard $(M1000_LOCAL_INC_PATH))))

INC_PATH +=  $(LOCAL_INC_PATH) $(COMMON_INC_PATH)  # local and common INC paths



# Where to look for specific types of files


# for cursors

vpath %2424 $(INC_PATH)


vpath %.d $(M1000_DEPDIR)


vpath %.h $(INC_PATH)

vpath %.hpp $(INC_PATH)


vpath %.o $(M1000_OBJDIR) $(COMMON_M1000_OBJDIR)


vpath %.c $(M1000_LOCAL_SRC_PATH) $(COMMON_SRC_PATH)  

vpath %.cpp $(M1000_LOCAL_SRC_PATH) $(COMMON_SRC_PATH)

vpath %.cxx $(M1000_LOCAL_SRC_PATH) $(COMMON_SRC_PATH)


End ++++++++++++++



Please can you help me why my local ksvid.h file is not taken or included for compilation.


Thanks in advance.

KnS |HCL                                                                 .

                                          Rajanikanth T

                                    +91 80 51584147 [O]

                                  +91 9 2424 000 42 (M)





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