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Re: 3.81 and windows paths

From: Chris Taylor
Subject: Re: 3.81 and windows paths
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 15:39:04 +0100
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Paul D. Smith wrote:
%% "John W. Eaton" <address@hidden> writes:

  jwe> On 28-Jul-2006, Paul D. Smith wrote:

  | Regardless, I still wonder whether my idea of building make for a POSIX
  | environment with Cygwin, but setting HAVE_DOS_PATHS explicitly, would
  | work.

  jwe> If this could cause some valid Makefiles to do the wrong thing as
  jwe> cgf suggests might happen,

Hm.  I don't think I saw that message?

Certainly there are obscure cases where enabling DOS path support will
behave differently, but they're pretty rare I believe.  Is this a Cygwin

This was a thing where POSIX compatible makefiles were not behaving as expected, which is now believed to be due to the cygwin dos-path handling patches.

  jwe> then can we at least make the behavior optional, perhaps with a
  jwe> command line option or magic target (maybe

This would be very tricky: right now all the code to do DOS vs. POSIX
pathnames is controlled through #ifdefs, so it's a compile-time thing.
Changing it to a runtime thing would be a lot of work, I think... the
#ifdeffing in GNU make is kind of a mess, with all the different ports
we support.

Honestly, I don't see a lot of benefit to it.  On a Windows system, even
in Cygwin, I would assume that everyone would always expect anything
that looked like a Windows pathname to be treated like a Windows
pathname.  We're not talking about enabling this support on UNIX, just
in Cygwin.

Well, the whole point of cygwin is to give a POSIX-compatible environment in win32. So it's aiming to be like linux, not windows. This means that if something like a makefile parses fine in linux, but not in cygwin (barring linker stuff), something is wrong.

And so on from there..

So even if the DOS #ifdef was enabled, we'd be back at the point of having patches to attempt to fix this behaviour. Unless there was some way of having two versions of make - one with this behaviour and one without, controlled by /etc/alternatives perhaps?

Speculation on my part anyway.

Chris / EqUaTe

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