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[bug #16389] Defaults for Objective-C

From: SciFi
Subject: [bug #16389] Defaults for Objective-C
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 13:08:51 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #16389 (project make):


I wish I had seen this report last year.  Just about every project around the
world that needs to compile .m objects is needing this patch.

*  The XFree86 project's darwin support can't be built with
make-3.81[.90cvs].  This patch is required to do so -or- one must use Apple's
[gnu]make (3.80) which of course does have a similar patch.

*  The MPlayer project had a revamp of its configure/makefile build system a
few months ago.  They are now "assum"ing one is on an actual darwin platform
in order to build the project's macosx video/audio modules.  They ditched the
make-rules for .m objects completely.  Those modules cannot be built with
make-3.81+ without this patch -or- one is forced to use Apple's [gnu]make as

*  I've come across a few other projects that fail building without this
patch, but the two mentioned above are the biggees.

I don't know how these projects will fare in the cross-build environment
since non-darwin systems will be unable to use Apple's [gnu]make.  In other
words, it will currently be impossible to build binaries for darwin systems
if the build system is not actually running Darwin/OSX with Apple's
[gnu]make.  The best way to fix the non-darwin build system is to apply this
patch to its version of make(1), whether or not it is 3.81 -- otherwise,
*every* affected project around the world will need to revamp its
configure/makefile code to add these rules explicitly.

I therefore urge this project to commit this patch ASAP if it's in acceptable
form right now.  If not, please let's discuss this further so we can get it
into shape for committing ASAP.

Thank you very much.


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