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Re: running make 3.81 tests on Mac OS X : was (no subject)

From: Jon Grant
Subject: Re: running make 3.81 tests on Mac OS X : was (no subject)
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 14:29:08 +0100
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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for replying with the logs.

default_names tests that Make looks for default makefiles in the correct order (GNUmakefile,makefile,Makefile). read.c:229 { "GNUmakefile", "makefile", "Makefile", 0 };

I suggest you file a bug report, I can't spot why why the sequence of tests looses the "makefile" before it has chance to make use of it.

Please include the output you see when you run "make" in a directory containing the attached "Makefile" and "makefile".

Then delete the "makefile" and run "make" again in the directory with only the "Makefile" still present. Also attaching those logs, and the output of ./run_make_tests -debug

Please include in the bug report how reproducible this is. Hopefully someone with a Mac OS X machine can take a look.

Kind regards
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THIRD: ; @echo It chose Makefile
SECOND: ; @echo It chose makefile

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