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Re: 33 make check failures on Ubuntu Linux

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Re: 33 make check failures on Ubuntu Linux
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 09:32:08 -0400

On Sun, 2007-04-22 at 14:49 +0100, Jon Grant wrote:
> I just ran make check and got 33 failures. I'm running make 3.81, on a
> 6 month old Ubuntu Linux install.
> They are all the same issue, the extra space. Not sure where the extra
> space comes from, is anyone else seeing this?

Please be sure that your LC_ALL and/or LANG variables are set to "C"
before running make check.  I thought that I had modified this inside
the Perl scripts that drive the tests, but apparently I didn't get it
right; there was a bug report about it (this has been fixed in CVS now

If that fixes the problem, I'm interested to see what locale you were
using before... it seems odd to me that someone would make a translation
that changes the string ".  Stop." to ". Stop." (if you look at the
fatal() function in misc.c you'll see where this string comes from).

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