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Re: Offer to help

From: Daniel Kraft
Subject: Re: Offer to help
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 18:04:29 +0000
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I will see what else we have going on, code-wise.  Of course there a
number of other things; for example our test suite, while extensive, has
some significant problems and could use some reworking.  There are a
number of issues with it that I can discuss with you if you're
interested (the test suite is written in Perl).

Thanks for your reply; I have to admit, I'd rather write C than Perl, as
this is not really my "strength language" -- I have basic knowledge and
already written some scripts where I could use Perl well, but personally
I prefer typed and compiled languages...

However, of course, for a testsuite Perl might well be suited; and at
first, I'd be glad just to help and get some deeper insight into
development at GNU -- and of course, I'm really fond of unit-testing, as
you most probably all are ;)

So I believe that could as well be useful help; so please give me some
introduction what you are thinking of, and I'll try my best!


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