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RE: Problem with make...

From: Martin Dorey
Subject: RE: Problem with make...
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 11:10:54 -0700

That sounds unlikely to be a bug with make, so the help-make list would
be more appropriate.  The make maintainer has a paper on dependencies
which you can find here:


That focuses on automatic generation of the dependencies but you can
probably work out where you're going wrong from it... and you probably
also want to generate the dependencies automatically.  If that doesn't
help, you'll need to post a copy of your makefile or, preferably, an
minimal part of it that demonstrates your problem.

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Subject: Problem with make...

hai all,
am really lost with this...plz help...i have a C, HDR and DEP folder
the root folder...as names suggest C folder contains all the source
HDR contains all the headers and I created the dependencies and put them
to the DEP folder. I have included the path of .d files in DEP in my
makefile. My problem is, when I modify any header and then try to
its not taking the dependencies. ie the source files in which this
particular headers are included are not getting recompiled...but if I
any source file and then recompiles its compiling that file...Simply,
changes I make in HDR are not getting affected in the Build...i hope u
understand and plz tell me where i should have gone wrong
Thanks for the support

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