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[PATCH] Implement verbatim export.

From: Dave Korn
Subject: [PATCH] Implement verbatim export.
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 18:59:28 +0100

    Hi Paul, and whoever else may be listening.

  As discussed last week, and ported to CVS head from our own internal build 
the weekend, here's a patch that implements verbatim export of makefile 
to subprocesses.  This is particularly handy for anything with a dollar sign in

  ChangeLog, full documentation and even a testcase included!  Buy one, get two
free!  Hurry, this offer cannot last!  <goes for a little lie down>

        * file.c (snap_deps):  Also check for .EXPORT_ALL_VARIABLES_VERBATIM
        pseudo-target, and set export_all_variables accordingly.
        * read.c (eval):  Accept 'verbatim' keyword as well as 'export' and
        set either export_all_variables or the new variable's export type
        accordingly.  Use correct enumerated type to clear export_all_variables
        when unexporting.
        * variable.c (export_all_variables):  Change type to enum export_all.
        (target_environment):  Handle new enumerated values for variable_export
        and export_all_variables.  Export variables without expanding values
        when verbatim export requested.
        * variable.h (enum export_all):  Enumeration for export_all_variables,
        as it is now tri-state rather than boolean.
        (struct variable):  Add new enumerated value to enum variable_export
        for verbatim export, and extend size of bitfield by one bit so all new
        values still fit.
        (export_all_variables):  Change type of declaration to enum export_all.
        * doc/make.texi:  Extend Variables/Recursion node to document verbatim
        export.  Document new .EXPORT_ALL_VARIABLES_VERBATIM pseudo-target.
        * tests/scripts/features/verbatim:  New testcase for verbatim export.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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