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'--jobs' flag and dependencies

From: Frank Schaefer
Subject: '--jobs' flag and dependencies
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 11:09:08 +0200

Dear 'make' team, 

I found an issue with your make utility when applying multiple 
jobs (--jobs=10 for example). The problem is that 'make' seems
to start building a target as soon as the dependency has been 
started to be built, e.g.

     build dep0

     build dep1

target: dep0 dep1 
     build target

... might end up in a sequence like this:
(best viewed with mono-spaced font)

       target               dep0                 dep1
          |                   |                    |
          |               build dep0               |
          |               //////////           build dep1
          |               //////////           //////////
          |               terminated           //////////
     build target             |                //////////
     ... ERROR ..             |                terminated
          |                   |                    |
          |                   |                    |    
that is, when the target is built the dep1 is not yet completed
and the dependency cannot be fulfilled. Thus: 

| The build process/thread of a target shall only be started when    |
| the build process of the every dependecy has terminated.           |

This way one does not have to write bottle-neck phony targets by
hand to solve this problem.

Best Regards

Frank Schaefer 

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