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Re: % vs. "No rule to make target"

From: jidanni
Subject: Re: % vs. "No rule to make target"
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2008 12:02:57 +0800

PS> I don't understand the distinction you're making here between "no rule
PS> at all" and "no best rule" (what's a "best rule"?), and just "no rule".

Maybe whatever prints messages prefixed by
   make: *** No rule to make target
is called from several different points in the code, and could give
finer grained messages, all still on one line.

Maybe there is a difference between "no rule at all" and "yes, a few
rules, but no best one". Like, "no wires at all found" and "yes found
some wires, but none that could complete the circut" and "several
paths to complete the circut, but no best path, so giving up".

Er, if still I'm getting nowhere, then you can drop this bug report. Sorry.

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