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RE: Makefile doesnt stop for non zero error codes

From: Dave Korn
Subject: RE: Makefile doesnt stop for non zero error codes
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 13:25:56 +0100

Murali Krishna wrote on 25 June 2008 07:38:

> Hi
> I am working in a makefile issue where the makefile doesn't stop
> compilation even after it encounters the error in the cpp file. 
> The make continues with next rule even though the earlier rule gives the
> non zero exit status. What could be the possible cause for this scenario? 

  There's a bug on line 278 of your makefile.  You just need to fix it and
everything will work fine.




  Nahh, seriously, an example or some details would be nice.  Did you use
"-k" when invoking make?  Are the command-lines prefixed with "-" to
suppress errors?  Are you mistaken about whether the earlier rule actually
does return non-zero status?  It's pretty hard to diagnose a problem when
the only information you give is "It doesn't work - why?"!  Can you show us
an example, with the relevant lines of your makefile and the output you see
in your shell when building?

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