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Bug report for "make" documentation

From: Harald Bergmann
Subject: Bug report for "make" documentation
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 16:10:26 +0200

Dear developer,

at the PDF documentation of "make", which I currently loaded from your web
side the following is found at top of page 25:

Wildcard expansion is performed by make automatically in targets and in
In commands the shell is responsible for wildcard expansion. In other
contexts, wildcard
expansion happens only if you request it explicitly with the wildcard

Some lines later at the lower half of the page there can be read:

Wildcard expansion does not happen when you define a variable. Thus, if you
write this:
objects = *.o
then the value of the variable objects is the actual string ‘*.o’. However,
if you use the
value of objects in a target, prerequisite or command, wildcard expansion
will take place
at that time.

Even with the time relation told at the end both statements are

Probably the shell will expand as expected, but one can not be sure at this
point. At least it will happen lately and not at "that time".

Many thanks for your great software!

Best regards,
Harald Bergmann

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