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Re: Why "*** extraneous `endef'. Stop."?

From: Tim Murphy
Subject: Re: Why "*** extraneous `endef'. Stop."?
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2009 13:15:28 +0100


define starts a macro.  Everything from the start of the macro to
endef is just text and is not evaluated.

So your inner "define" is not recognised - it's just treated as text.
That means that the dirst endef matches the first define and all the
other endefs seem to have no corresponding define statement.

In other words, you cannot nest defines like that.

Also note that ifneq doesn't have any effect inside a define - it only
has an effect when you $(eval) the macro.



2009/9/6 Sergey Zubkovsky <address@hidden>:
> Hi,
> Why the below makefile fails with the error text "_Makefile:16: ***
> extraneous `endef'.  Stop._"?
> Thanks.
> #-----------------------------------
> *define Var1
> ifneq (1,1)
> define Var2
> define Var3
> endef
> endef
> endif
> endef
> .PHONY : EmptyTarget
> EmptyTarget : ;
> $(eval $(value Var1))*
> #-----------------------------------
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