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Re: -n option not working under selected circumstances

From: gabriele balducci
Subject: Re: -n option not working under selected circumstances
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 19:14:29 +0100

> On Thu, 2010-01-21 at 18:56 +0100, gabriele balducci wrote:
> > If I can take advantage of your patience: so, `make -n install' is not
> > 100% safe? Well, actually, this is the first time I incurred in this
> > problem in many years; yet... 
> Whether it is safe or not depends on the whether that particular
> makefile is written properly (with respect to this feature of GNU make).

This is clear to me, now.

> Normally, when people create install rules they don't put references to
> $(MAKE) in the same command line that also does other, side-effect
> things like copy files around.  Instead they make sure that the $(MAKE)
> reference is on its own line (as you see in your t3 example, make does
> not run any line that doesn't contain $(MAKE)).
> Regardless of whether the rule is "install", "clean", or anything else,
> make always operates the same way (there's nothing special to make about
> a target named "install"; that's just a convention that makefile writers
> use).
> Basically what I'm saying is this is a problem in the implementation of
> the "install" rule(s) in the openssl makefile(s) and should be reported
> to them.

I think I will do this

Again: thanks a lot for your work and patience


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