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The bugs in make v3.82

From: Alexander Kornilov
Subject: The bugs in make v3.82
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 13:54:42 +0400


My name is Alexander I am software developer and prepare build system
based on make tool. My approach of build system design is differs from
existing build systems as QMake, autotools and etc. e.g. QMake generate
result make file according template (*.pro files) rules. In my build
system present main module - engine, written on native make file
language and project settings file which contains list of sources files,
project settings and etc and this file include to engine module. So it's
concept of my build system in few words 
make -r -f engine.mak target=project_settings.min

While I working on my build system I find some bugs in working of make
Could you, please, review issues?

BUG #0001:

Description: The rule for generation dependency file (%.d) doesn't work
on Linux platform;
Severity: Major;

Steps to reproduce:
1. Unpack bug_0001.zip files from letter attachment;
2. Execute makefile from archive on Linux platform. Result of operation:
     > make
     Creating dir Obj
     Generate dependency for test1.cpp
     Generate dependency for test2.cpp
     Compiling test1.cpp
     Compiling test2.cpp
     Linking test.so
3. Remove file rm ./Obj/test1.o;
4. Execute makefile again. Result of operation:
     Compiling test1.cpp
     Linking test.so
5. Remove file rm ./Obj/test1.d;
6. Execute makefile again.

Expected result:
  The dependency file generated by rule %.d;

Actual result:
  make: *** No rule to make target `Obj/test1.d', needed by `test.so'.

Note: On Windows platform this case work properly.
On Linux it's work only if dependency files placed in current directory
and -include of dependency files written without $(addprefix ...).
Adding vpath %.d doesn't solve problem.

BUG #0002:

Description: Wrong slash used in path of files from subdirectories on
Windows platform;
Severiy: Minor;

Steps to reproduce:
1. Unpack bug_0002.zip files from letter attachment;
2. Execute makefile from archive on Windows platform. Result of

Expected result:
   > make
   Creating dir 'Obj';
   Compiling test1.cpp;
   Compiling test2.cpp;
   Compiling sub_dir\test3.cpp;
   Compiling sub_dir\lib\test4.cpp;
   Linking test.so;

Actual result:
   > make
   Creating dir 'Obj';

   Compiling test1.cpp;

   Compiling test2.cpp;

   Compiling sub_dir/test3.cpp;

   Compiling sub_dir\lib/test4.cpp;

   Linking test.so;


Also I see what make v3.82 doesn't work on Windows x64 platforms. It's
fails when tries to execute temporary .bat file. I fix this issue by my
self in file sub_proc.c. The patch is attached to letter in file
In file make_v3.82_win64.zip compiled make.exe file for Windows x64
platforms compiled by Intel C/C++ Compiler v11.1.067 with maximum speed
optimizations (include IPO) with my fix. I test it on Windows XP x64 and
Windows Seven Ultimate x64 and make.exe work properly.


In file klocwork_report_make_v3.82.zip I attach static code analysis
tool Klocwork report for make v3.82 generated by my build system.
Klocwork find many vulnerabilities and warnings in make code. According
my experience Klocwork is 'smart' tool  and maybe you find it's comments
useful for make improvement.

Make language:
In my build system I am often use condition constructions and upset by
make language restrictions  Are you plan support condition construction
like this:
ifeq ($(SHELL), sh.exe) && (($(target_platform), WinXP) ||
($(target_platform), WinVista))

ifeq ($(SHELL), sh.exe)
elif ($(SHELL), /bin/bash)

I mind AND (&& and OR (||) 'elif' operations in ifeq.


I doesn't find solve of this my problem in user-guide. Could I 'know'
what particular target user pass to make?
e.g. > make clean

Could I use target name in condition operation inside makefile like
ifeq ($(SOMTHING), clean)
 <Change some project variables only for target 'clean'>

Thanks a lot all make authors for cool crossplatform reliable tool!
Waiting for you respond!

Best wishes,

Alexander Kornilov

24 Salganskaya St., Nizhny Novgorod, 603105, Russia
Phone: +78312788198, Fax: +78312577230
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